The European LETITBE project is promoted by the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, with the aim of improving learning and autonomy in the field of disability through innovation and digital technologies. 

This project will last two years and have funding from the European Commission through Erasmus+, and the collaboration of the Vodafone Spain Foundation (FVE), being a continuation of the DESKTOP project. 

Currently, nine centers and entities from seven countries are involved, using the Mefacilyta digital platform created by Vodafone, among other tools, to promote the autonomy and social inclusion of people with disabilities. The project is coordinated by Juan Ciudad Foundation in Madrid and has the participation of Hospitality Europe in Brussels, as well as a center of the Hospitaller Sisters. 

LETITBE pursues two general objectives: 1) enhance the social and professional inclusion of adult learners with disabilities through an increased use of digital technologies; 2) make educational centers more inclusive, participatory and respectful of the rights of learners with disabilities.

The project will support the personal and professional growth of adult learners with disabilities in a digital learning environment. LeTITBE leverages also the potential of modern ICTs (particularly smartphones and tablets) to facilitate and speed up the learning process of adults with disabilities. This will create innovative and modern pedagogical approaches at the service of the needs and competences of learners with disabilities and enrich the offer of Open Educational Resources. Reinforcing digital skills is as vital as literacy and numeracy because Europe needs digitally competent people who are not only able to use but also to innovate and grow while using these technologies. 

On this web page you will find information about LETITBE in diferente languages and the tools you need to benefit from the results of this project, which include:

e-Learning Programs

The first objective of the LETITBE project consists in the acquisition of nine skills through a study plan called “e-learning”. We are working on it. Soon we will upload them on this page so you can access them.


Protocol of Rights

The different partners of the project have encouraged people with disabilities who participate in the LETIBE project to identify the ten rights that they consider to be priorities, based on the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. You will soon be able to consult it here.


Lastly, the LETITBE project contemplates the compilation of all intellectual products in a Handbook that allows professionals in the field of disability to access all these contents. It will be available in 2021.

Pedagogic Pathway

This Handbook was created with the DESKTOP project, and you can consult it while we finalize the new Hadbook with LETITEBE project. The manual is aimed at professionals who want to use digital tools to help people with disabilities in various day-to-day activities. And it is also intended for the beneficiaries of these supports, so that they can improve and personalize them to their needs.


The app called “Mefacilyta” for smartphones and tablets can be downloaded free. Created by the Vodafone Foundation in Spain.