Self Advocacy

These are some of the eLearning activities and games we have created to better understand our rights based on the UNCRPD 

Sharing our tool with Politicians

We didn’t only create tools to help ourselves we also want to share with others. 

Using LETITBE to Teach in classroom

Mefacilyta doesn’t only work on smartphones and tablets you can also use it in the classroom using Samsung Flip.

LETITBE project pursues two general objectives: 1) enhance the social and professional inclusion of adult learners with disabilities through an increased use of digital technologies; 2) make educational centers more inclusive, participatory and respectful of the rights of learners with disabilities.

The project will support the personal and professional growth of adult learners with disabilities in a digital learning environment. LeTITBE leverages also the potential of modern ICTs (particularly smartphones and tablets) to facilitate and speed up the learning process of adults with disabilities. This will create innovative and modern pedagogical approaches at the service of the needs and competences of learners with disabilities and enrich the offer of Open Educational Resources. Reinforcing digital skills is as vital as literacy and numeracy because Europe needs digitally competent people who are not only able to use but also to innovate and grow while using these technologies.

eLearning Programmes

Self Advocacy

These activities and games aim at supporting people with intellectual disability to better understand their rights and be able to advocate for them.


This topic aims and supporting people with intellectual disability build and sustain more active roles in their communities and in society. 


This eLearning activities and games aims at providing an informal support tool for individuals with an intellectual disability who may be already int eh workplace or wish to join the workplace and gain paid employment. 


The Handbook

A manual with the pedagogical route that explains how to get the most out of this digital platform for educators and people with disabilities.


Tutorial videos in different languages on how to download the application, create profiles and individualized supports, among other possibilities of the “Mefacilyta LETITBE” tool.